Instructor - CQP IV


Instructor - CQP IV


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Note: The training of federal sailing instructors has changed since August 2007 and evolved since December 2018.

The diploma is now called: Certificate of Professional Qualification Sailing Initiator (CQP IV - Certificat de Qualification Professionnelle Initiateur Voile).

The content of the training has evolved taking into account in particular:
  • The new teaching approach of the French Sailing Federation (FFV- Fédération Française de Voile).
  • The valorization of an Instructor Assistant function.

The trainee should have a valid license during the whole training period and during the examination of its file (jury and edition of the diploma included) as well as when he will supervise as an Instructor.

What is it ?
It is an alternating training where we can distinguish 3 areas and 6 skills units:
  • 3 areas
SAFETY : mandatory before any interaction with a public support.
  • 6 skills units:​
UCC1 : Securing the practice context.
UCC2 : Promote the development of preventive attitudes.
UCC3 : Allow maximum practice time.
UCC4 : Maintain the commitment.
UCC5 : Interfere to accelerate the progresses.
UCC6 : Evaluate the level of autonomy.

What are the different steps of the training ?
1. Experience as an Instructor Assistant:

Access conditions:
Above 14 years old
FFVoile license and medical certificate
Technical FFVoile level 3
Parental authorization for minors

Have a look to the page « Instructor Assistant » 

2. Requirements prior starting the training:

Access conditions:

Above 16 years old.
FFVoile license and medical certificate.
Technical FFVoile level 4.
Swimming certificate (100 meters) and ability so swim under a one-meter-long floating object.
Boating license.
First Aid Training (AFPS / PSC1).
Parental authorization for minors

3. Alternated pedagogic training:

180 hours spread over a minimum of 5 weeks, additional sessions could be required.
3 areas.
6 skill units.

* Pedagogic Course N°1 - +/- 60 hours - SECURE
  • UCC 1 : Securing the context of the practice.
  • UCC 2 : Promoting the development of preventive attitudes among practitioners.
* Pedagogic Course N°2 - +/- 60 hours - ANIMATE
  • UCC 3 : Allow maximum practice time.
  • UCC 4 : Maintain the commitment of practitioners.
* Pedagogic course N°3 - +/- 60 hours - TEACH
  • UCC 5 : Interfere to accelerate the progresses of practitioners.
  • UCC 6 : Evaluate the level of autonomy of practitioners.

4. Certification:

End of cycle certificate valid for 4 months.
Validation by a FFVoile jury.
Delivery of the diploma by the FFVoile (above 18 years old).

Stages External Price* Number of points Number of weeks of Instructor Assistant
Pedagogic Course N°1
300 € 300 points 3 weeks
Pedagogic Course N°2
200 € 200 points 2 weeks
Pedagogic Course N°3
200 € 200 points 2 weeks
*Prices excluding the price of the Club FFvoile License for the current year

The Chronology or the training CQP IV

Download it here: Chronology or the training CQP IV