Instructor Assistant


Instructor Assistant

What is it ?

Being an Instructor Assistant allows you to:
  • Attend and watch coaching sessions;
  • Be present during the preparation and tidy up of the equipment;
  • Participate to the conversations between the instructors;
  • Sailing to improve yourself;
  • Further develop your seaman sense;
  • Familiarize yourself with the profession of sailing instructor.

For Who ?
  • Youth above 14 years old,
  • with a parental authorization for minors,
  • already with the Technical FFVoile level 3 what ever the support,
  • and a yearly FFVoile Club license. If you don't have it yet, contact us and we may provide it to you.

When ?

During the school holidays
  • At least 2 weeks during Summer
  • At least 1 week during Spring and Toussaint holidays
  • Renewable yearly
Price ?

It's free!

The little extras
  • Take advantage of your Instructor Assistant internship to improve for free, out of the working hours, your skills and try to get closer to the FFVoile level 4. This level is mandatory to access the Instructor training.
  • Do you want to validate your FFVoile level 4? Register for an internship during the Toussaint or Spring holidays. Contact us to know the dates of the sessions. Link  to page "FFV Level 4".
  • Get your boating license if you are above 16 years old. By handling this license, you will be able to drive the motor dinghies of the sailing school with the cover of an Instructor.
  • If you are above 18 years old, you can benefit from an onsite accommodation, contact us to discuss it.
  • You can self-finance your sailing instructor training by working a certain number of weeks as an assistant instructor :

    Number of weeks of instructor-assistant training Course rates

    Level 4
    3 weeks 280 €

    10 weeks 1400 €
    (280 €/week)