Windsurf with inflatable rig


Windsurf with inflatable rig

For who?
Children, Teens & Adults
Starting 6 years old

Fully inflatable windsurf: a revolution in windsurfing!
No more age limits or apprehension to start (or get back to) windsurfing, the Club Nautique du Rohu offers you today a revolutionary windsurf board designed for all!

- 1 fully inflatable Irig One sails → 3 sizes: XS / S / M
- 1 inflatable Fanatic float → 2 sizes
Can be used in a hybrid way: inflatable sail + rigid board / classic sail + inflatable board

No more age limits or apprehension to get in or get back to windsurfing.
Everything is easier: it is very stable, light and very easy to sail. We do not bang, we do not hurt our backs ... In a word, it's perfect for beginners and children.

- The wind shoudn't exceed 12 knots and the sea should be very calm.
- Wetsuits and life jackets are provided by the Club and available free of charge.

Private lesson: 65 €/hour
Rental 1 hour: 40 €/hour

Reservation required ➜ Call us on +33 2 97 45 37 05